Четка за топка от облачна стомана на нанофибър

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Representative of the textile category is dishcloth dishcloth, made of 100% polyester fiber double woven, soft and comfortable to the touch will not scratch the surface of utensils, but it is difficult to quickly and thoroughly clean the residual dirt dishes, but also prone to бактерии, антисанитарни.
Can be used to clean kitchen utensils, toilets and other difficult to clean the dirt, can also be pulled off the volume of its use on a stick, especially suitable for cleaning some scrub can not be the corner and dead corner, convenience, hygiene, опазване на околната среда.

Clean ball is made of high-quality polypropylene fiber material by special process, it is not easy to stick oil, no detergent can be easily cleaned, net structure is easier to remove all kinds of oil, not hurt the surface of articles, make cleaning Ефективен, лек и лесен.



Име на продукта Четка за топка от облачна стомана на нанофибър
Цвят многоцветен
Пакет opp чанта + кашон
MOQ 1000 бр
функция Почистване на кухня
OEM и ODM на разположение
производител Фабрика за гъба Yancheng Dafeng Oukai




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